A Thing

A Thing

A Thing First, it has to be a useful tool
It is a biological human being,
but it is not a political human being
an economical human being
the fact is a slave is acknowledged legally and socially is as a thing

An ancient Greek philosopher defining the slave said
it is a tool that is alive a tool that has a voice
But that’s not enough
if it does not have the value of sales gifts dowries ransoms payments to the government tributes
it cannot be a slave

It takes qualifications to become a slave
youth and physical strength
No matter how heavy the soul is, it doesn’t equal an iron ball on the foot

The five senses are not the issue
if you only have skin that can feel the pain of the whip, that’s enough
Since the gods did not create slaves as the son of men
they did not grant them either blessings or sin

The metropolis never thought of doing anything like giving citizenship to the slaves
It treats them as a quantity
A slave’s rebellion is like the thunderstorm in nature
so you should relax because it will pass
take a break from golf or something

After all the slave’s golden age was the 4th and 5th centuries BC in Greece
and the 1st and 2nd centuries BC at the end of the Roman Empire
In Greece a “thing” is what dug the silver mines in Laonia In Rome,
it was used for the production of olives and grapes on the big farms
The “thing” began to be humanized during the progress of domestic industrialization
barber doctor tutor even clerk those are the jobs of the “thing”

When a slave’s joy is denied unnecessary things like love seem to get born

From the 1st century AD, the slave society began to collapse
from slave to serf from thing to person
The pure pleasure and fear that only the thing owned
changed to a complex idea of political and social existence
It is not the thing that emits a voice of pleasure
it is the idea that emits the sound something like water flows from the eyes

The slave’s renaissance is the trade in Blacks from Africa in the 18th century
that brought commercial and industrial prosperity to modern Europe and the new continent America

The “thing” was reinstated

On the west coast of Africa slave merchants crowded in
from Holland France England following the adventurous Portuguese merchants
that opened the new silk road to the Orient in the last half of the 1th century
“The New World Symphony” rings out and the joy of the “thing” is the misery of the human being

The peace of ancient Rome deprived the slaves of their joy and pain
but at least it left sorrow for them
the sadness of freedom of free men
I saw a photo of a terra cotta statue of a Greek slave from the Hellenistic period
Both feed the right hand and the burden on its back were damaged,
but the long warped back patterned after the weight of its burden
an elongated head and large ears long nose and lips sunken cheeks the flesh
carved out from the throat to the chest I couldn’t see both eyes of the “thing”
from the side view of the vertical statue but I could sense the feeling of it staring into space

What is it he was staring at
What was he able to see the rapport between the “thing” and another nameless “thing”
is that possible

If you want to meet a “thing” you should go to Parco Street in Shinjuku
instead of there being silver mines and fields of grapes
it’s flooded with nothing but abstract information markets the light and sound and color of “things” are boiling

Last night I read some poetry to you “things”
but as far as your response is concerned
it was exactly the color of the bright eyes of the Greek slave staring into space