The Mental Confusion of Machine Language

The Mental Confusion of Machine Language

I have noticed the HUGE amount of machine language in our conversations. So I looked up what Machine means:

machine (n.)
1540s, “structure of any kind,” from Middle French machine “device, contrivance,” from Latin machina “machine, engine, military machine; device, trick; instrument” (source also of Spanish maquina, Italian macchina), from Greek makhana, Doric variant of Attic mekhane “device,” from PIE *magh-ana- “that which enables,” from root *magh- “to be able, have power.”

Main modern sense of “device made of moving parts for applying mechanical power” (1670s) probably grew out of mid-17c. senses of “apparatus, appliance” and “military siege-tower.” In late 19c. slang the word was used for both “penis” and “vagina,” one of the few so honored. Political sense is U.S. slang, first recorded 1876. Machine age is attested by 1851:

The idea of remodelling society at public meetings is one of the least reasonable which ever entered the mind of an agitator: and the notion that the relations of the sexes can be re-arranged and finally disposed of by preamble and resolution, is one of the latest, as it should have been the last, vagary of a machine age. [“The Literary World,” Nov. 1, 1851]

Machine for living (in) “house” translates Le Corbusier’s machine à habiter (1923). –

Today I saw an article named “The Amazing Natural Nanotechnology Embedded in the Camouflaging Skin of Chameleons”. This is such a weird overlay on top of reality. For starters there is no such thing as Natural Nanotechnology. There is also no Embedded technology in a chamelon’s skin. Finally people throw around these words and assume we all understand what they mean. Talk about a massive mental confusion that separates us from reality and the natural world.

I suggest that the idea of reason and rationalism created an additional layer of separation that has used Machine Language to bypass the diversity of the world. Using the rigidity that comes in speaking this way, leads to binary outcomes and encourages one-minded thinking. Machine Language includes within it’s context the word IS. This forces whatever the Machine Language defines as the label IS the reality. This promotion of homogeneous thinking creates humans who think and act in unnatural ways.

Instead of your mind, body and soul being a huge wilderness where you roam and live. You end up being divided into illusionary boxes that protect you from the reality of grief. These boxes allow you to live in one part of your being while fracking and polluting ground water. You live in another box while driving cars that spew out smog into the air. Each of these boxes are human centric and commerce oriented that feeds off pleasure. This pleasure is wrapped around a lacuna of pain that creates sadistic slave oriented tendencies.

I believe if we could recognize what we are saying and work at dismantling these rational boxes. We might be able to look and reveal these lacunas. As Margaret Rosenau says: “The work is really in the place you are avoiding.”